Benefits of Using Propane Forklifts


The sealed fuel system of propane forklifts enhances plant safety. Fuel cylinders and carburetion components are made to strict national code specifications that far exceed the working pressure of propane gas. Learn More


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Propane refueling stations can be conveniently located onsite, or your local propane marketer can offer a cylinder exchange program that delivers filled cylinders to your warehouse. Since propane is such a clean-burning fuel, propane forklifts run cleaner and last longer. Learn More



Propane forklifts are perfect for multiple shift operations. A propane fuel cylinder packs enough fuel for up to two shifts under heavy operation. And cylinders can be changed out in less than five minutes. Learn More



Propane is a non-toxic fuel that burns clean and is safe for indoor use. That’s one reason why more than 80 percent of Class 4-5 forklifts run on propane. Unlike gasoline or diesel, there is no evaporation or spillage loss from the forklift cylinder, so you don’t have to worry about evaporative emissions. Learn More



Propane models can operate in inclement weather and are versatile enough to handle rugged, unpaved outdoor terrains and steep grades. Propane forklifts run at peak performance from the beginning of the shift to the end. Learn More