Our History


Cooper Propane Company was formed in 1947, driven by a mission to supply the rural residents of Delta County, Texas, with “city gas” beyond the main lines. Electricity had reached the majority of rural areas by the late 1940’s but it did not supply heat to Delta County homes.  Seizing the opportunity to provide family, friends and neighbors with access to gas-powered heating, Cooper Propane began a mission we continue more than 70 years later—providing exemplary service to bring comfort into homes and businesses throughout northeast Texas.

A ‘green’ company since its inception, Cooper Propane was instrumental in the development and use of propane as an alternative energy in farm power implements in Northeast Texas.  As the company matured, operations expanded into irrigation, stand by fuel supplies, standby/off grid generators, central and zone heating systems, instantaneous water heaters, hot tubs/pool heating, decorative gas lighting, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, gas grills and fuel for motor vehicles.

Cooper Propane was formed from the roots of J. F. Henslee Hardware, which began operations in 1887, selling general hardware, gas cook stoves, water heaters, as well as agricultural tools.  It served as the one-stop shop of its day, enabling hard working Americans to get the supplies they needed to get their work done and Henslee Hardware continues to serve its customers after more than 120 years of continuous operation under the same family ownership. However, Cooper Propane began to expand to bring its services to customers beyond Delta County in 1955 by opening up shop in Lamar County, TX. Today, known as The Propane Companies, the organization serves the energy needs of more than 10,000 customers in thirteen counties, including: Red River, Bowie, Fannin, Hopkins, Rains, Hunt, Franklin, Morris, Titus, Wood, Cass, Camp and Upshur. The Propane Companies meet the needs of residential, agricultural and commercial customers through service centers operating in Cooper, Paris, DeKalb, Sulphur Springs, Winnsboro and Mt Vernon, Texas, ensuring a propane expert is always nearby.

CoopProp-FamilyLike Henslee hardware, The Propane Companies reap the benefits of family ownership—in the third generation.  Our greatest assets are our people and our ultimate mission is to better serve our customers. When you call us, you will speak with a live associate eager to solve whatever propane-related need you might have—you will not hear a machine or confusing automated phone system.

The Propane Companies operate with an un-interrupted gas supply—a level of customer assurance we have provided since 1973. With more than 600,000 gallons of above ground storage and 20 plus supply tankers, we have the best available alternative energy product 365 days a year, not 350 days a year. Whatever your propane energy need may be, our expertise and resources will deliver the best possible option for your specific needs at the best possible value.