Pool Heaters and Patio Lights

Propane pool heaters and patio lights can make an instant party. What a great way to celebrate the life you live.

efficiency_redSee The Light

When it comes to seeing your way around the backyard grill at night, propane is the clear alternative to electric outdoor lighting. Some newer models are equipped with light sensors that shut off during the day, eliminating waste and increasing your savings.

lowcost_blackFeel The Warmth

Propane is great for heating swimming pools, hot tubs and spas. It’s faster and more economical than electricity. A propane-heated spa can save about $56 per year compared to electricity. And you can turn on a propane spa heater about 30 minutes before use to bring the spa to a comfortable temperature quickly. Electrically heated spas must be kept on all the time because the water takes so long to warm up.