Propane gas for cooking is available almost anywhere in Texas. It's efficient and economical. It's just right for the life you live.



Cooking Fuel That Meets Your Needs

Surveys show that most people prefer to cook with gas. Propane cooking also offers you all the benefits associated with other gas-fueled appliances: convenience, efficiency and cost savings.


Propane burners deliver heat immediately, heat pots and pans evenly, and let you easily see and adjust the heat output. Propane ranges also have sealed burners, making cleanup easy.

safety_blackEfficent & Safe

Automatic spark igniters have replaced pilot lights on almost all propane ranges. This increases their safety and further enhances their convenience and efficiency.

lowcost_redPut Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Stop spending money on electricity and you’ll be able to spend more on food! Studies done for the Texas Railroad Commission have shown that propane cooking appliances are more efficient than electric. Homeowners will spend about $86 a year on a propane range versus $98 on an electric range. In your kitchen, propane is clearly the best choice.