A propane gas grill is a clean way to save money and time. So you can cook better cuts of beef, and cook them cheaper and faster. With the life you live, don't you deserve that? Propane-fueled grills offer greater convenience than their charcoal counterparts, and they are friendly to the environment.

Bag The Charcoal

Lighter fluid contributes to the smog that hovers over many Texas cities. Self-lighting and bag-light charcoal also produce high levels of emissions. But a propane gas grill is a clean air alternative.

lowcost_blackTime and Money in the Bag

Did you realize that it takes about 20 minutes for the average charcoal grill to heat up? But it only takes about half that time to heat up a propane grill. You can fire up and grill burgers in about a third the time on a propane gas grill compared to efficiency_redcharcoal. So you can go from heat up to eat up in less than half an hour with propane!

Want more good news? Good Housekeeping magazine calculates the average annual fuel cost is $37 for charcoal, compared to $19 for propane gas grills.